Why do I need a Peg-Out?

Sewer and water infrastructure in Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains is owned by Sydney Water and is known as their asset. To help protect damage to the sewer/water pipes and other sewer/water infrastructure, Sydney Water developed a process whereby all development plans are to be reviewed and stamped for approval by a Sydney Water Quick Check Agent. After paying the building application fee, a Quick Check Agent will cross reference proposed development plans with Sydney Water records.


A Quick Check Agent will calculate a distance by taking the depth of the asset and multiplying it by two. If the development is outside the area created by this distance then the building plans are approved and stamped by the Quick Check Agent. If the development is inside this area then the Quick Check Agent will advise that the approval process will need to be completed by a Water Service Coordinator (WSC). As part of this process, a Service Protection Report (or known simply as a ‘sewer peg-out’) is a requirement set by Sydney Water before further approval can be granted.


This is where Glenmore Park Plumbing become involved; we go out to the development site and physically locate the sewer. We use the most up to date technologies to ensure that the sewer is located accurately. Once the sewer is located, we take a series of measurements and finally process all the data collected from our on-site inspection and Sydney Water records to draft up a plan to Sydney Water standards using the latest Computer Drafting packages. We then provide you with a professional plan to Sydney Water’s standards that outline all the details of the sewer infrastructure that is within proximity to the proposed development and approve your development.


Although our part ends here, the next step will be for the Water Servicing Coordinator you engaged to use your development plans and our Sewer Peg-Out plan to provide further advice and the steps needed to protect the Sydney Water Asset and grant approval for your development. 


For further information please visit www.sydneywater.com.au.


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